QBrowser start script for WLS adopted by QBrowser project

It is always nice to hear that your contribution is appreciated! The QBrowser start script which i recently published in my article "Starting QBrowser for Weblogic on (Oracle) Linux" is adopted by the QBrowser for GlassFish JMS / WebLogic MQ project on The script will included in version V2. and up.


Starting QBrowser for Weblogic on (Oracle) Linux

For my personal OSB playground i use a Virtual Machine with Oracle Linux. When recently working on an OSB project with JMS i was looking for a tool enabling me to send messages to a JMS Queue or Topic. After i failed to get Hermes JMS working properly i tried QBrowser light. Although there were no proper unix scripts supplied to start QBrowser, it was quite easy to write one my own based on the batch files. I got QBrowser working after correcting all version numbers of the jar files in the QB_CLASS_PATH to the current version of my installation. Since i did have no intention to validate the version numbers of the jar files for each configuration i have, i made a little script which automatically detects the installed com.bea.core.* jar files, adds them to the QB_CLASS_PATH and starts QBrowser.


Updated: SOA Suite 11g R1 on OL x86-64 in VM Ware Fusion

A revised version of the installation guide for Oracle Fusion Middleware on Oracle Linux in a Virtual Machine is available. This document is based on the SOA Suite PS 4, Oracle 11gR2 DB, Oracle Linux 5u7 x86-64 and OEPE for x86-64.

The document SOA Suite 11g on OL 5u7 x86-64 in VMWare.pdf can be downloaded here.


Oracle Linux 5U7 on VMware Fusion 4

When installing Oracle Linux 5U7 as a Guest OS on VMWare fusion 4, you will probably run into the "no module ehci-hcd found for kernel 2.6.32-200.13.1.el5uek" during the VMWare Tools installation process. This error is caused by missing usb kernel modules in /lib/modules/2.6.32-200.13.1.el5uek. You can easily solve this by opening a Terminal session, substitute the user by root (su - root) and executing the command below.
cp /lib/modules/2.6.18-274.el5/kernel/drivers/usb/host/?hci-hcd.ko \
Now you can start the installation of VMWare tools by executing


How to: SOA Suite 11g R1 on Oracle Linux in VM Ware Fusion

When i started reading the books ‘Getting Started with ORACLE SOA Suite 11g R1’ (by Heidi Buelow et al.) and ‘SOA Suite 11G Handbook’ (by Lucas Jellema) i needed a running SOA Suite 11g environment to be able to do the exercises. As a Mac user i use VM Ware to virtualize my educational environments, preferably on a Linux operating system to minimize the cost of licenses and reduce the overhead of the guest operating system on my host operating system. Both books do contain installation guidelines, but are focussed on installation of the SOA Suite 11g on a Microsoft Windows operating system. Although the getting started handbook does give you some hints how to tune the environment, the performance, on a system with the suggested 3Gb RAM, is to low to consider it workable.

Therefore i wrote a document describing step-by-step how to get an up and running SOA Suite 11g R1 environment with a minimal environment.