(Siebel) logfile monitoring

Functional description of the logadapter

The log-adapter consists basically of two components, and agent and a server. Each log-adapter agent can monitor one or more log-files per system concurrently. The monitored log-files are defined using regular expressions and are dynamically added and removed from the monitored-files list when files are created or removed. When the agent starts, it contacts the server and retrieves the latest configuration files and filters. If the configuration files are retrieved the agent starts monitoring the logfiles and the server process starts monitoring the availability of the agent by using a heartbeat mechanism. If new information is written in the log-files the agent filters the information and decides, based on those filters, if it has to be transformed and sent to the log-adapter server. When sent to the server process, it is written to the standardized log-file on the system whereon the server process is running.

Currently i am busy finishing the documentation and composing the scripts for publication. If you would like to receive a draft version of the documentation and the code, please contact me.

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