Java class monitoring Siebel CRM workflow processes

In my previous post i introduced a simple monitoring framework for Siebel CRM written in Java. Since it is a framework adding monitors should be a straightforward process. To put it to the test i wrote the Java class SBLWorkflowProcMonitor extending the abstract class SBLMonitor to monitor; the number of workflows in a specific state, average duration of the workflows and the number of completed workflows per time unit. After creation of an instance of this class and starting it by calling the addMonitor method of the SBLMonitorController the metrics can be retrieved using the following methods on the SBLWorkflowProcMonitor instance:

  • getNumWorkflows
  • getAverageWfDuration
  • getAverageWfPerTimeunit

The video below shows the result when presenting the metrics in a swing interface.


The (updated) sourcecode,, can be downloaded here.

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