Defaulting to Audit view for BPEL instances in Oracle BPEL 10g

Although FMW 11g is around for some time, there are still organizations running on SOA Suite 10g. So maybe this tip is still useful for some of you. When testing my not-yet-quite-finished BPEL processes on my local BPEL server i am not interested in the manage view when selecting a BPEL instance. What i need is the audit view of my BPEL process. Since most of the BPEL Console is based on JSP, you just have to find the right jsp-file in the container.

To change the default view of a BPEL instance when selected from the instance list view, you first have to locate the ngInstanceList.jsp file. You should be able to find it in $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/oc4j_soa/applications/orabpel/console. Open it with a text editor like Notepad++ or VIM and find the line below which is probably around line number 564.
<a class="BlackLink" href="displayInstance.jsp?referenceId=<%= iH.getReferenceId()%>&mode=manage"
Replace manage in this line into audit like shown here.
<a class="BlackLink" href="displayInstance.jsp?referenceId=<%= iH.getReferenceId()%>&mode=audit"
And save the file. The change is in effect immediately.

You can do the same for selecting instances from the tree view by changing the jsp file ngFindTreeEntry.jsp. Change around line 82 the following line
<a class="BlackLink" href="/BPELConsole/<%=instance.get("domain_id")%>/displayInstance.jsp?referenceId=<%= referenceId %>"> 
<a class="BlackLink" href="/BPELConsole/<%=instance.get("domain_id")%>/displayInstance.jsp?referenceId=<%= referenceId %>&mode=audit"> 

Alternatively you also can change the default viewing mode to flow or debug by assigning the value flow or debugger to the url variable mode.

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