Getting top active Siebel views

A last one to conclude this series of Siebel CRM monitoring framework articles. Just to show how relative simple it is to build your own custom Siebel monitors. Every active user accessing Siebel using the web client interface has a session which is maintained by a dedicated Siebel task. These sessions are listed in the Server Session view on the Server Administration Screen. In this screen you can see that every session has a unique task identifier. When selecting the State Value detailed view all state values belonging to the task associated with the session are shown. If the session belongs to a Siebel Object Manager, one of the state values is View Name containing the name of the current Siebel view. The Business Components associated to the views are SA-VBC Session and Server Task State Value. By querying all active session in Business Component SA-VBC Session and counting the number of views per view name in Business Component Server Task State Value you get a aggregated list of all active views.

Knowing this I did build a new SBLSessionMonitor class extending the SBLMonitor class, including a simple Bar Graph in matter of hours. This monitoring class and Swing view do show the top 10 most active views, which is shown in the short video below.


The (updated) sourcecode,, and runnable-jar SiebelMonitor.jar can be downloaded here.

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