How to: SOA Suite 11g R1 on Oracle Linux in VM Ware Fusion

When i started reading the books ‘Getting Started with ORACLE SOA Suite 11g R1’ (by Heidi Buelow et al.) and ‘SOA Suite 11G Handbook’ (by Lucas Jellema) i needed a running SOA Suite 11g environment to be able to do the exercises. As a Mac user i use VM Ware to virtualize my educational environments, preferably on a Linux operating system to minimize the cost of licenses and reduce the overhead of the guest operating system on my host operating system. Both books do contain installation guidelines, but are focussed on installation of the SOA Suite 11g on a Microsoft Windows operating system. Although the getting started handbook does give you some hints how to tune the environment, the performance, on a system with the suggested 3Gb RAM, is to low to consider it workable.

Therefore i wrote a document describing step-by-step how to get an up and running SOA Suite 11g R1 environment with a minimal environment. The definition of a minimal environment is relative. The installation is resource intensive, so the phrase ‘less is more’ is not applicable here. I got this VM running on a Macbook Pro with a 2.6 Ghz Core 2 Duo processor, 6GB RAM and a Hitachi 7200rpm hard disk. Although this document describes how to install Oracle SOA Suite on Oracle Enterprise Linux in a VM Ware Fusion virtual machine. It generally can be used on any virtual or bare-metal system running any supported Linux variant.

When completing the installation process, the environment will reassemble the schema below.

You can download the installation manual here.

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