Monitoring the Siebel application I

Over the time i have developed some monitors which can be useful for anyone who needs to manage a Siebel CRM environment. The first monitor in this sequel is This script enables you to monitor the number of successful logins in the Siebel application over a specified interval.

Syntax: ./ {duration} {objectmgr}

{duration} An integer specifying the duration in seconds. The period where over the number of successful logins is reported, is the time the monitor is executed at back the specified duration.
{objectmgr} Expression matching the filename of the ObjMgr. The expression may contain shell filename generation characters (like ‘ *’ and ‘ ?&rsquoWinking. E.g. ‘FINSObjMgr_nld*’

Returns: Numeric value
-1 Monitor faillure
0> Number of successful logins

The script can be downloaded from the downloads page.

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