Integrating PHPlist confirmation pages into Rapidweaver

The PHPlist application is a powerfull and free tool to manage mailinglists. It can also easily integrate into your Rapidweaver based website and display the the pages in the chosen Rapidweaver Theme style when using iFrame pages. Only the confirmation pages which users have to open when they subscribe for the first time or when changed their subscription are not shown in the chosen Rapidweaver Theme style. This article guides you through some easy to follow steps how to show the subscription confirmation pages into your chosen Theme style.

First you create a new HTML Code page which is not visible in the menu of your webpage but does follow the Theme style. In this example the page is created with the html-filename autoactions.html in the actions folder, these names will be used further when defining URL's to this page. To create the HTML Code page, add a HTML Code page to your Rapidweaver project. Then select the General tab in the page inspector and de-select the Show in menu option. Fill in the Page Title, Browser Title, Folder, Filename as shown in the example or modify it to suit your needs. Select the Page tab and make sure the Apply Theme option is selected.

Now the page settings are correct, you can add the HTML Code to the page. Select Edit and cut and paste the code below into the page. Make sure to change the SRC attribute so that it points to the directory wherein you installed the PHPList application. In this example it is installed in the maillists directory under the HTML root. The Javascript does basically retrieve the query string portion of the URL when the page is called and passes this information onto the URL of the iframe. The query string portion of an URL is the part at the end of the URL starting with a questionmark.
An example: When the page "" is called, then the part "?p=subscribe" is the query string. When calling this page without a query string the page will open the location where PHPlist is installed "".

<iframe id="listframe" name=target src=""
    width="600" height="400" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto">
<script type="text/javascript">
window.onload = function () {
var q = (;
document.getElementById('listframe').src += q;

The configuration in Rapidweaver is now finished, and when you have installed PHPlist in the maillists directory you can test it by opening the URL " actions/autoactions.html/?p=subscribe". The PHPlist subscription page now should be loaded and presented integrated into your Rapidweaver site. When this is working properly, you have to change the subscription URLs in the PHPlist administration page. You can do this by opening the phplist main admin page and go to the configure PHPlist menu option. Here you have to change the location of following URLs.

• URL where users can subscribe
• URL where known users can unsubscribe
• URL where unknown users can unsubscribe (blacklist)
• URL where users have to confirm their subscription
• URL where users can update their details
• URL where messages can be forwarded

With changing the location, you replace the part before the query string. e.g. when the current URL is "", the part "http://" is replaced. Change all locations to "http://". In this example the URL where users can subscribe will be changed to "". Now users will see the PHPlist subscription pages integrated in your website when selecting the URLs in their confirmation e-mails.

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