This project started initially because the companies regulations did not allow unrestricted access to the srvrmgr interface by employees outside the department which is responsible for managing the application. The department responsible for centralized monitoring of the IT infrastructure needed access to the srvrmgr to monitor Siebel using Mercury products BAC and MAM. The departments agreed on the fact that limitation to the srvrmgr list instructions was sufficient to stay within the companies security regulations. Because Siebel does not allow you to bring granularity in access to the srvrmgr instructions an interface and/or filter layer between Mercury and the srvrmgr had to be developed. This resulted in siebcmdserver, a client/server application written in Perl.

What siebcmdserver basically does is transferring srvrmgr instructions to a centralized process, where the instructions are executed on a local srvrmgr process. The result of the instruction then is sent back to the client. Because the srvrmgr process is running continuously, only one servermanager log is created, instead of one log file per srvrmgr session in the enterprise. In more detail, the centralized process authenticates the client process, based on a shared key, when an instruction is sent and then validates the instruction sent.

The application and documentation can be downloaded here: Siebcmdserver Instructions are in dutch but installation is quite straightforward and should not give any troubles for a experienced Siebel administrators Winking

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